Romans 8:18-25

Have you ever been out in nature and just felt connected to something bigger than yourself? If you have, you are not alone and there is a perfectly biblical reason for that. This Sunday as we continue our series The Building Blocks of Christianity, we are taking a moment to appreciate the world around us and what the Grand Story of God’s rescue of humankind has to do with it all. Join us on Sunday for “What a Wonderful World.” We hope you fall in love with the God who designed it all.

MESSAGE STUDY NOTES (also as PDF download above)

What is your favorite place to be in nature? Why? 

1. God created all things
Psalm 95:4-5; Proverbs 3:19
2. Creation speaks
Psalm 19:1-4; Luke 19:40; Romans 1:20
3. Creation is cursed
Genesis 3:17-19; Romans 8:20-22; Isaiahs 24:5-6; Colossians 1:20
4. Creation will be reborn
Isaiahs 51:6; I Corinthians 7:31; Hebrews 12:17; Revelation 3:14, 21:1; II Peter 3:13; James 1:18

1. Do you think being a Christian encourages a person to be more environmentally conscious or less? Why?

2. Why do you think people often feel more “spiritual” when in nature?

How do you think we can experience creation speaking the glory of God? (Psalm 19:1)

What do you imagine the new creation to be like? Why?