Ephesians 5:21-33

If this series was like the Stanley Cup playoffs, Sunday’s message is the pivotal game 4 of 7. Understand, absorb, and grapple with the Truths of this message and you will unlock the very purpose of scripture itself and peer into the heart of a loving God. You will not want to miss “Does Marriage Matter?” – part of our Biblical Sexuality Series.

MESSAGE STUDY NOTES (also as PDF download above)

What is your favorite part of a wedding? Why?

Genesis 2:24; Leviticus 20:26; Psalm 73:26, 119:57, 94, 143:8; Isaiah 57:7-8; Jeremiah 3:12, 31:32; Hosea 1:2, 2:14,16,19-20; John 3:29; I Corinthians 6:17; Ephesians 1:3; Colossians 2:10; Revelation 19:6-7

If you don’t understand marriage, you don’t understand God’s love
1. God is the first to commit
2. God loves intimacy
3. God is fiercely loyal and protective
4. God celebrates his marriage

1. What to you was the most important part of this message? Why?
2. When you hear “God wants to marry you,” how does that make you feel? Why?

Based on what we now know about marriage and sex, how does this change your approach to both these subjects? Why?

What do you picture the fulfilled Kingdom to be like (after this message)? Did anything in your heart change toward God and toward the future he has prepared for you?