Acts 4:1-12

When you hear someone praying for revival, what do you think that means? This series is answering that question by looking at specific incidents – not of “revival” (the word is not found in the Bible), but of being “filled with the Spirit.” In the first week, we saw being filled resulting in service, then confrontation, and this week it is courage. Join us as we see “A Breakout of Courage,” part of our Should We Pray for Revival? Series.

MESSAGE STUDY NOTES (also as PDF download above)

Outside the Bible, when you think of courage, you think of whom? Why? 

Acts 4:1-20, 29-31

Three indicators of revival:
1. The problem is exposed
2. The solution is exposed
3. Risks are taken
Three Requirements of Courage:
1. You need a surer compass than your feelings
2. You need a farther horizon than your lifespan
3. You need a higher aim than your own personal happiness

1. Under what circumstances do you think it is appropriate to defy authority as a follower of Jesus?

2. To what extent do you believe the western Church is prepared for persecution? Why?

By looking at this story, what are some specific indicators of “revival” you would expect to see?

Considering the three requirements of courage, which one has the Lord grown in you the most? How do you know?