Acts 17:16-33

We live in a complicated world. There are so many worldviews vying for our attention. So many of the people we care about are drinking the water of our current culture. How can we direct them toward Jesus? You might be surprised that Paul’s world was very similar to ours and he was a faith trainer par excellence. Find out how he effectively talked to a diverse culture far from God on Sunday and discover that we are to “Be a Faith-Training Church,” part of God’s Assignment to NAC Series.

MESSAGE STUDY NOTES (also as PDF download above)

Who has been the most influential (human) person in helping you spiritually? Why?

Acts 17:16-33

Faith Training is:
1. Emotional
2. Intellectual
3. Relational
4. Spiritual
“I can’t believe in a god that allows suffering and evil.”
Leap of faith: “If I can’t think of a reason for god to allow suffering and evil, there can’t be one.”
“I can’t believe one religion sees the whole truth.”
Leap of faith: “I see the whole truth. My truth is that no religion has the truth.” Just as exclusive, all truth claims are exclusive
“I can’t believe the Bible because ____”
Leap of faith: “My cultural moment is correct” (for all people at all times)
“I cant believe unless you prove God empirically.”
Leap of faith: God can be measured empirically

1. Which of the aspects of faith-training do you think is your greatest strength? Why?
2. Which of the aspects of faith-training do you struggle with the most? Why?

What do you think God needs to do in you to make you a more effective faith-trainer?

Do you see yourself as a faith-trainer? Why or why not?