John 20:11-18

What is NAC trying to accomplish? Why are we here in Nanaimo in 2023? Are we only to hold on tight and wait for Jesus to come back? In the next four weeks, we are going to revisit the vision for NAC – a vision that is ambitious, counter-cultural, biblical, God-honoring, and utterly impossible on our own. Come and see if you’d like to be a part of this call to a meaningful life. We begin with “Be a Serving Church,” part of the God’s Assignment to NAC Series.

MESSAGE STUDY NOTES (also as PDF download above)

What is currently your least favorite chore around the house? Why? 

Matthew 28:8-10; Mark 16:1-3; Luke 24:8; John 20:14-18

About serving:
1. Serving is counter-cultural
2. Serving is necessary
3. Serving is God-like
4. Serving is impossible
What we see:
1. Mary served when no one else did
2. Mary served when disappointed with God
3. Mary’s service put her in the center of God’s work

1. How would you rate the desire to serve within the average Canadian Christian today? Why?
2. What about serving stood out to you in this story? Why?

Are you satisfied with your current desire to serve others? Why or why not?

When you serve, what (if anything) do you need to be wary of? Why?