I Samuel 18:1-9

Our economy relies on envy. Our conversations are peppered with envy. Our motivations are weaved with threads of envy, and while envy is all around us, it is much harder to spot in ourselves than it is to point out in others. Find out how Jesus sets us free from the behemoth of envy and how to release more joy in your life as we explore “Jesus in the Transfer,” part of our Good News Everywhere Series.

MESSAGE STUDY NOTES (also as PDF download above)

If you could completely renovate your home with money as no object, what would you do?

I Samuel 18:1-11; Romans 12:1; Philippians 2:6-8

How do you know you are envious?
1. You can’t celebrate others
2. You are joyless
Key Relationship Lessons:
1. This is how we are to treat each other
2. This is how we are to treat Jesus
3. This is how Jesus treated us

1. How much to you think envy plays a role in people’s motivation for the things they do and say? Why?

2. What types of things (character traits, belongings, abilities, appearance, career) do you envy the most? Why?

How often do you find yourself criticizing others? How do you think this might change?

What transformation do you think needs to happen in you in order to cut back on envy in your life? Why?