Ruth 1:1-13

Have you ever faced a time of desperation where you didn’t know what you should do? Where you should turn? The story of Ruth outlines for us not just how desperate Naomi was, but how we all need help at times. It is the inspiring story of the obvious redeemer, the secret redeemer, and the ultimate redeemer. Join us for “Jesus in the Redemption,” part of our Good News Everywhere Series.

MESSAGE STUDY NOTES (also as PDF download above)

What do you think are the difficulties facing immigrants today? Would you do it?

Ruth 1:16-17, 20-21, 2:8, 4:15; Psalm 49:5-9; Hebrews 9:12

Lessons from Ruth:
1. To follow Christ is to abandon all else
2. Lives change through relationship
3. We all need redeeming
Ruth is the story of: 
The obvious redeemer, the secret redeemer, and the ultimate redeemer

- Jesus immigrated to poverty for you
- Jesus took on your debt
- Jesus agreed to marry you
- Jesus surrendered all his wealth to you

1. What do you think Christians today have trouble abandoning for Christ? Why?

2. If lives change through relationship, why do you think so many either engage with a church sporadically or not at all?

What does it mean to you that you are “redeemed?” How does that make you feel?

Why do you think God often relied on the state of marriage to describe his relationship to us?