Genesis 9:1-17

Last week we saw Jesus in the flood, but there is more to this story – a powerful symbol meant to remind us of a number of critical truths. Today we look at the beauty of the rainbow and discover there is more to this symbol than we first realize. Join us for “Jesus in the Rainbow,” part of our Good News Everywhere Series.

MESSAGE STUDY NOTES (also available as download above)

Do you enjoy a good rainstorm? Why or why not?

Genesis 9:1-17 

This covenant affects:
1. The ecosystem
2. Justice
3. Relationship with God

It shows us: 
A. The conditions of grace
B. The promise of grace
C. The method of grace
D. The beauty of grace

What can we do?
1. Bring your storm to the light of God’s love
2. Find peace in the fact God laid down his war bow
3. Express thanks (on this Thanksgiving Day) for the one who took the arrow of justice for you
4. Give your everything to God because he is beautiful

1. Why do you think God included this story in His book?
2. Of all the things the rainbow shows us, which one stands out to you? Why?

What do you think the church could be doing in response to the rainbow?

Do you see the Lord as worthy to follow because of his beauty? Why or why not?