Genesis 6:5-13

Many people are familiar with the story of Noah’s ark. Full color pictures of happy animals and a smiling Noah can be seen in numerous places. However, the reality of the flood story is far darker and far more important to our lives than the presented fabled version we are often exposed to. Find out what the flood means for us today and how God uses it to intentionally direct our attention to Jesus as we see “Jesus in the Flood,” part of our Good News Everywhere Series.

MESSAGE STUDY NOTES (also available as download above)

Do you enjoy being on the water? Why or why not?

Genesis 6:5-13

What does the flood tell us?
1. The flood reminds us why we obey
2. The flood reminds us who God is
3. The flood reminds us that we need to be in the boat
4. The flood reminds us that our judgment is over

1. Do you think the world was worse in the time of Noah and that was the reason for the flood? Why or why not?

2. What does it tell you about God that he was “sorry” that he made people and that it broke his heart?

In what way(s) can we gain confidence because of the flood story?

In what ways do you doubt God’s rescue of you from the flood? What do you have a hard time believing?