“Infuse Grace”
If You Want to Have 
Good Friends Series

November 17, 2019

Warm up
Besides your spouse, describe your closest friend. 
What do you like about him/her?

I Samuel 18:1-4, 19:1-5, 20:1-4; Luke 12:32; 
John 3:3, 15:9; Romans 8:34; Hebrews 12:15

Main idea
Relationship depth requires grace

Types of grace required:
1. Grace of affirmation
2. Grace of generosity
3. Grace of honesty
4. Grace of advocacy
5. Grace of assistance

1. Where do you see the four types of grace being shown at NAC (if at all)?
2. When have you personally received a type of grace?

1. Which of the types of grace are the easiest for you to give? Why?
2. Which of the types of grace do you feel God is calling you to display more? Is there anyone in particular you have in mind?