"Beyond Nice"
Beyond Religion Series
October 6, 2019

Warm up
Describe your best friend in high school. What did you like about them?

Matthew 16:21-23, Luke 22:31-34

Message Recap
Main idea: Following Jesus Means Being Authentic

Three authentic relationship principles:
1. Authenticity is coupled with hope
2. Authenticity relies on God’s wisdom, not our own
3. Authenticity is personal and direct

Why wasn’t Jesus “nice?”
1. Jesters limit maturity, 
2. Jesters are dishonest, 
3. Jesters have shallow relationships, 
4. Jesters are not respected

What do to?
1. Ask God for humility and courage
2. Ask for input
3. Listen before speaking
4. In love, be honest

Questions for discussion
1. Of the three relationship principles, which one do you find the easiest? The hardest? Why?
2. Who do you feel you are the most authentic with (beyond your spouse – if any)? What allows you to be authentic with them?

1. Be honest. On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being the most), how authentic do you feel you can be in this Connect Group? Why? What would make that number go up 1?
2. What do you think YOU can begin to do to form a group where authenticity is more welcomed?