Psalm 1

Connect Groups Study Notes
"Finding God Through Study"
Finding God in 2019 Series

March 10, 2019

Warm up
When did you get your first Bible (if you have one)?

Psalm 1

Message Recap
Main idea: Loving Leads to Listening

Common Myths About The Bible:
The Bible is one book
The Bible was dictated by God
The Bible has been translated and copied beyond recognition
The Bible can be proven
The Bible was written by primitive, superstitious people who had much to gain

What can we do?
1. Read regularly
2. Listen carefully

Questions for discussion

  • Which of the Bible myths do you find the most believable? Why
  • Why do you think so many find studying the Bible difficult?


  • How often to you read the Bible? Do you find it helpful?
  • What has God been saying to you though the Bible lately (if anything)?