Psalm 69

Connect Groups Study Notes
"Finding God Through Prayer"
Finding God in 2019 Series

March 3, 2019

Warm up 
What is your favourite kind of ice cream?

Psalm 69:1-29

Message Recap
Main idea: More Prayer, Less Pretending

What can we do?
1. Be honest about your pain
2. Be honest about your disappointment
3. Be honest about your desires
4. Be honest about your sin

Questions for discussion

  • In what ways do you talk to God just like you talk to everyone else? In what ways is talking to God different for you?
  • Do you struggle with prayer? Why or why not?


  • Which of the areas of honesty do you find the most difficult when it comes to praying? Which is the easiest for you?
  • How closely does Psalm 69 reflect your prayers?