Connect Groups Study Notes

“Strengthening Love” 
Strengthening Relationships Series
September 16, 2018 

Warm up 
Growing up, with whom did you feel the most genuinely loved? What made you feel that way?

1 John 3:14, 16-17, 4:6-7; Luke 22:41-44; Romans 5:6-8 

Message Recap 
Main idea: Love is never free 

Love is: 
1. Loss
2. Pain
3. Risk

Am I truly loving?
What more am I willing to lose for them?
What more am I willing to endure for them?
What more am I willing to risk for them? 

Questions for discussion

  • What was your first emotional reaction after hearing the message? Why?
  • What changes have you noticed in your willingness to lose, endure, and risk for others over time (if any)? Be specific. 


  • What did you feel the Holy Spirit could be saying to you after hearing the message (if anything)?
  • What next step do you feel you need to take as a result (if anything)?

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