Matthew 16:21-28

Small Group Study Questions

Asking the Right Questions
Strategic Friendship Series, December 31, 2017

Warm up
Does the beginning of a New Year hold any personal significance to you? Why or why not?
What is one thing in your life you’d like to be different in 2018?

Read Matthew 16:21-28

Message Recap
Main idea: Questions Open Doors

How did Jesus use questions?
1. Jesus used questions to teach
2. Jesus used questions to open conversations
3. Jesus used questions to answer questions

What questions might we ask?
1.  What makes you believe that? [evidence]
2. Where have you heard that? [source]
3. Would you like to hear more? [respect]

Four Fundamental Questions:
1. Where did I come from? [origin]
2. Why am I here? [meaning]
3. How should I live? [morality]
4. Where am I headed? [destiny]           

Questions for discussion
1. Do you find having conversations about the message of Jesus with people far from God easy or difficult? Why?
2. Why do you think Jesus asked so many more questions (307 vs. 183) than he was asked?
3. How would you compare or contrast the way Jesus approached people far from God versus what you have experienced?

Because questions open doors, how might you consider using questions if you were to talk to people about Jesus?