Luke 4

Message Recap
Main idea: Prioritize Like Jesus 
What we learned about knowing God:
1.The basis of relationship
2.The need for relationship
3.The result of relationship

Why did Jesus prioritize relationship?
Permanence / Power / Preparation

How can we prioritize like Jesus?
What we pray / What we play / What we say

Questions for discussion
1. „ In what ways do you see people pursuing happiness over everything else? „ 
2. Has suffering – yours or someone else’s – ever caused you to doubt God’s love or existence? Describe. „ 
3. How would prioritizing like Jesus affect your approach in faith training others?

In prioritizing like Jesus, happiness cannot come before a relationship with God.
In what you pray, play, and say, which of these do you sense the Holy Spirit is wanting you to change? Why?

Closing Prayer  
“Jesus, some of us have pursued happiness as our first priority and we didn’t realize it until now. Please forgive us. Some of us want to start a relationship with you. Some of us want a closer relationship with you. Many of us have people in our lives who need you. May you help us to prioritize like Jesus in what we pray, play, and say so that they have a relationship with you that is permanent, powerful, and it prepares them for a life of meaning. Nothing is more important than a relationship with you. Thank you for showing us this value in your Word. We see it now more than ever. May our lives now reflect this priority. Thank you, Jesus.”