In light of the continued rapid spread of the Omicron variant and subsequent load on our Healthcare system, the Province has extended the current Public Health Order restrictions until February 16th. After conversation with our District Office to confirm and clarify our understanding, we offer the following information.

UPDATE: SMALL GROUPS (Connect & Prayer Groups etc)

Our church leadership, after further discussion with our District office, has agreed that the PHO permits small groups to meet in homes, up to 10 people, and they do not need to be from the same household. In-home gatherings require all participants to be fully vaccinated but are not required to produce proof. Masks continue to be advised but are not mandatory.

Dr. Henry’s intention has been to limit the transmission in private gatherings, and she has repeatedly encouraged that groups be kept as small as possible and the group be kept consistent. Therefore, if you choose your Connect Group as “your 10 people” then all group members should agree to limit other group interactions (ie do not meet with 10 people one day and another set of 10 people another day etc). Evaluate your current daily interactions in all other capacities to determine your personal risk level, as well as the risk those interactions may pose to others.

We leave it up to each group to determine if gathering in-person indoors is feasible/desired at this time, and to make appropriate adjustments to your overall social interactions if you choose to meet. The church building remains an option for those wanting or needing more space to spread out during your meeting. Please contact the church office to check availability.

Masks are mandatory at all times to enter and remain in the building. Thank you for your cooperation.

There is no change regarding Worship Services. Masks are still mandatory to enter and remain in the building, but may be removed for receiving communion. Masks must completely cover your nose and mouth. Nanaimo Alliance has chosen to operate at 50% capacity to eliminate the requirement for Proof of Vaccination (POV). COVID safety considerations including physical distancing remain - please be conscious of distance while visiting as much as possible, and if weather permits, visit outside. We have temporarily suspended after-service coffee as an additional safety precaution.

Although the current order states "Indoor organized gatherings of any size are not allowed" there are actually a number of types of events and gatherings that are NOT included in this restriction, though they must run with limitations such as capacity restrictions and seating requirements - please contact the office for details.

NAC Youth are meeting! Organized programs for Youth (up to age 22) are permitted with COVID safety plans in place, including masks at all times. Youth are not required to show Proof of Vaccination, however all volunteers and any parents present during the actual event must be fully vaccinated. Paid employees operating youth programs do not require POV. (Children's Sunday service volunteers are exempt from POV as Kid's Church is part of the Worship Service).

As stated above, Nanaimo Alliance is operating at 50% capacity for Sunday Worship services and therefore does not required POV. We have confirmed that smaller groups are permitted to meet in the church building and do NOT require POV provided room capacities are not exceeded. This includes Connect Groups and Prayer Groups. If you would like to resume (or start) meeting at the church with your group, please contact the office for details and availability. Kid's Church volunteers on Sundays do not require POV.

We trust this information helps to clarify the current Provincial Health Orders. If you have any further questions, please contact the office and we will do our best to help. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.